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System and Techniques are what set our company apart.

Despite some ten thousands of years of domestication, dogs still actively use status-determining behavior. Dogs are very simple, all they want is to lead or be lead. Dogs genetically have a need to eat food and live in a den but another equally important thing they need is a leader as a source of rules, structures, and discipline. Dogs feel a tremendous release when humans take charge and establish rules in their household. Life becomes understandable and relatively stress free like it was in their mom's pack. When the owner refuses to take charge, instinctively the dogs thinks he/she must.

The Dog Wizard: Balancing Both Ends of the Leash

When I see something in perfect balance, it is beautiful. Art, aerodynamics, ballet - balance is the common denominator. When I see someone who can go anywhere with their canine companions, it is beautiful to me in the same way. Bringing your dog with you should be a pleasure, not a hassle. I truly believe that anyone can achieve this. When you understand the science behind this balance, it becomes a natural, effortless flow. On one end of the leash, we have the dog. To balance this end of the leash with the other we need to address a few key elements:

  • Nutrition
  • Genetics (what is this dog bred to do? What type of hard wired predispositions are present?)
  • Training and Adaptability

On the other end of the leash we have the person. To balance this end of the leash, we need to address:

  • Relationship
  • Dedication and Consistency
  • Expectations (What do you require of your dog?)

The best part is, when you balance both ends of the leash, you don't need a leash!

When you achieve this balance, you and your dog are suddenly on the same page. The dog knows what is expected, the behaviors that you want are strong and reliable. You are going places and doing things with your dog! You're happy, your dog is happy and I'M HAPPY!

I am the Dog Wizard, but like most "magic", it's really about science.

A true understanding of why dogs behave the way they do is the foundation for shaping behavior and building balance at both ends of the leash.


All behavior problems can be explained by just three things:
  • Lack of discipline and structures in the dog's life.
  • Not meeting the dog's major needs
  • A frustrated and insecure dog.

DOG TRAINING Dog training is so easy Vladae states, "Because it is about just two things."
  • Establishing and promoting proper relationship with hierarchy with a human on top.
  • Establishing language to communicate so that when you tell your dog something, it will understand.

These 2 are correlated, if you have no authority you can not expect your dog to listen unless you have AMERICAN CHEESE or RUSSIAN KIELBASA in your hands.

Vladae takes dog training very seriously. It is like playing in Russian chess. He teaches dog owners to think ahead of the game and always be in the position to prevent, correct, or praise. Dog training is not playing Russian Roulette. A dog's behavior can actually be very predictable, making it preventable because it is correctable.
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