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Alternative Canine Training offers the American and European most innovative approach in dog training for home obedience and good citizenship available today.

Individual methods based on breed traits, individual characteristics within those breeds, special structures and canine way of training. Techniques are based on body language, certain signals and movements.

We set up the system that makes a revolution in dog training today.

Our programs are OUTSTANDING considering the time, knowledge and results you will be getting. We provide long term solutions for your dog's problems.

Our lessons cover basic, intermediate and advanced levels of obedience. Proper socializing around small children and other animals, boundary control and home manners are also included. We resolve any behavior problems according to your request. This program will SAVE YOU $$$ because the duration of training is 5-10 times shorter. You will get out of this program, more than you need for the successful handling of your dog!

Our best program is the 10 lesson program that will leave you with the best dog you have ever owned!

  • 16 commands - on/off leash
  • Solving all behavior problems
  • Socialization around other dogs
  • Boundary Control
  • Working in public places (City parks, etc.)

Our most popular program is the 5 lesson program that includes basic obedience and solving behavioral problems.

Our puppy training program (for 3 month old puppies) includes basic obedience training and lessons on how to stop chewing, nipping, jumping, house-soiling, acheter viagra france etc.

  • We also offer behavioral consultations.
  • We have been referred by many Veterinarians and Pet Store Owners.
  • You will notice results after the first lesson or it is FREE.
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