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Important please read! 

We specialize in individual and customized dog training sessions that integrate your dog into your busy lifestyle and taking your pet with you with confidence. Our goal is to give you a pet that will behave and listen to you at home and everywhere you go and under any circumstance. We guarantee you will be happy with our training as long as you follow all the instructions given to you by your trainer.


Due to the high volume of client requests, we first require a detailed phone conversation to see if our training system is good for your situation. After our initial detailed conversation, we will then pick and schedule the appropriate training for your situation. So Cal Dog Training and its staff are looking for clients that have a mutual comfort and understanding of the entire training process. Once we have established that our training programs are appropriate for you and your dog, we will then discuss pricing associated with our programs.


Because our training is customized we do not respond to price checking inquires.

Our rates are comparable to the top trainers in California and across the United States! 


If you have serious intentions of speaking to one of our world-class trainers, please feel free to call us directly at (949) 244-0615 for a no obligations 15 min free consultation with our lead trainers.

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