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The Science Behind Our Success

As the grandson of a former USSR Cheif Biologist, Vladae gained early childhood experience with behavioral instruction for animals. While his grandfather conducted Pavlov-type experiments, young Vladae observed these animals (wolves, coyotes, and foxes) and his grandfather’s successes and failures in behavior modification. Vladae spent most of his time playing, observing, and working with his grandfather’s animals during his research. Being immersed in this research gave Vladae a deep understanding and respect for animal behavior and began to apply this knowledge when he began his dog training career. Along with behavioral study, Vladae has study K9 anatomy in depth to further his understanding of what a dog physically needs during training. Many of these principles in behavior modification are unknown to people in the United States, thus making our training system completely unique here.

Our system and techniques are what sets us apart from any other training program out there because we have developed techniques that are based on scientific data and years of studying animal behavior. The Russian academic Ivan Pavlov was the first person to determine that dogs are creatures of habit. Good habits can be established if a dog has an opportunity to practice and repeat them. Based on this study, our system puts you and your dog in a situation where you can help your dog reinforce good habits, which will then become their NEW good behaviors. This revolutionary system works for every dog, no matter what the situation, age, or previous behavior as long as the owner is dedicated to the system. Training the dog from the dog's point of view and talking to the dog in their language is one of the major secrets of our success.



Through years of trail and error, we have discovered that any dog can learn the rules and structures of our program between two and three weeks. After this training period, the good habits become your dog’s permanent behavior model! During this training time we focus on establishing and promoting proper relationships with hierarchy with humans on top and establishing a language to communicate so that when you tell your dog something, it will understand. Since your dog is a creature of habit, this new set of habits will become their behavior for life.  

With our proprietary training system, we are confident our team of trainers can handle any situation that you and your dog might be in. We believe that all behavioral issues come down to three things: lack of discipline, not meeting a dog's major needs, or a frustrated/insecure dog. Our proper training system will help tackle all of these issues. Our Team is dedicated to giving you the life that you have always dreamed of with your dog and giving your dog the life that he was breed to live. 

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