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Award Winning & Governor Honored Dog Trainer
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World Class in Home Training


This unique program integrates your dog into your lifestyle! It gives them the skills and manners to behave under any situation at home, in public, on leash, or off leash. Dream of having your dog become a Certified Service dog? Want to legally have your dog with you everywhere? We can help you make that happened!


What You & Your Dog Will Learn:


  • In downtown areas and shopping centers

  • Dog parks and pet stores – off leash

  • In retail stores, while you shop (where allowed)

  • In coffee shops (where allowed).

The Gold Package also includes resolving all behavioral problems, socialization with people, dogs, children and even cats!






  • “Let’s go” - You walk your dog not your dog walks you

  • Hurry Up & Slow Walking

  • Turn Around

  • Turn Left/Turn Right

  • "Come" Command with distractions

  • "Sit" and "Sit-Stay" with distractions

  • "Down" and "Down-Stay" with distractions

  • Forbidden Command “Ahhhhht”

  • Boundary control and safety rules at the front door

  • “Wait” Command

  • “OK” Release Command

  • Hands Signal 

  • Let’s Play

  • Place command ..go to bed and stay with guests

  • Behavioral problems

  • And more...

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As  part of this package we  work with you and your dog at:

Resolve  Behavioral Problems and as a BONUS have

TOTAL OFF-LEASH CONTROL with these commands:

Remember, it is not just about the commands; it is about the behavior problems. If your dog is trained properly, your dog will behave properly. This  program can also address: destructive chewing, general disobedience, recall problems, running away, howling, food stealing, eating garbage, aggression, nipping at children, chasing cars and bikes, separation anxiety, excessive barking, jumping up, submissive urination, car sickness, vet anxiety, fear biting, jumping on people and more! 

We will give your dog the perfect manners for life!

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