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Elite Program with a 100% Success Rate!

Award Winning & Governor Honored Dog Trainer
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Do you have a very busy schedule? No time to train your dog? Don’t worry. Just send your dog to our Doggie Bootcamp to have your dog trained by one of our elite handpicked trainers.

So Cal Dog Training Boot Camp

Your dog will live in the home of one of our trainers and become a part of their family pack. They will be participating in their daily training activities, socializing at shops, dog parks, and other public places. Your dog will help other dogs in their training as well! 

Your dog will normally sit in a dog crate or dog run for most of the day. Usually they are trained 2-3 times a day for 30 minutes and then put back into the crate.

Other Traing Boot Camps

What You & Your Dog Will Learn:



  • Downtown areas and shopping centers

  • Dog parks and pet stores – off leash

  • In retail stores (where allowed)

  • In coffee shops (where allowed).

Doggie Bootcamp also includes resolving all behavioral problems, socialization with people, dogs, children and even cats. This training is unlike anything you have seen!





  • Live & train 24/7 with one of our top trainers for 2 weeks

  • Travel with a trainer helping him train and socialize other dogs

  • Live with the trainer & their family

  • Sleep in their room

  • Learn everything included in the Gold Training Package

  • Address all behavior problems

  • Learn how to walk and obey off-leash 


 You will receive progress update photos and videos during training.



  • You will receive follow up in-home lessons. We will come to your home to teach you how to use and maintain your dog's training.

  • Lifetime in-home support: We promises a lifetime of support for you and your dog and pledge to help you with any behavioral problem you might have after the boot camp.

  • Dream of having your dog become a Certified Service dog? Want to legally have your dog with you everywhere? We can help you make that happened!

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As  part of this package, we work with your dog at:

During this Unique Training Service Your Dog Will:


This training system is so popular that it was featured in the OC Register as one of the most effective ways to help remove your dog's behavioral issues. You can read that article here.

*Please note that the Doggie Bootcamp is for dogs over the age of 10 months!
If your dog is below 10 months, please refer to our Gold Package or our Puppy Workshop.
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