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It is the mission of SoCal Dog Training to turn your dog into a loving member of your family so that you can enjoy your pet everywhere and under any circumstance. Our goal is to train your dog to become an acceptable member of human society that can be proudly taken into public places where ever they are allowed.

We further strive to increase the standards of canine good citizen behavior and to fight for the rights of canines in the United States, so they will become accepted as loving companions and may accompany the family everywhere they go. 

We express our passion and love for dogs by researching and promoting the best collection of innovative and practical pet products and services on the market today. We are committed to becoming a one-stop shop for all your dog's needs and will never compromise on quality. 

Meet Our Team:


CEO and Founder

Office Manager


Client Coordinator


Administrative Assistant

Want to Join our Training Team?

So Cal Dog Training is a fast growing company and we are currently looking for reliable and dedicated people who love animals and are looking to pursue a career in dog training and behavioral counseling. We are also looking for a business developer and merchandise manager. 

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