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In-Home Problem Solving

A personal coach will come to your home and train your dog to the highest level of household obedience imaginable. The Silver Program will not give your off-leash control and is not a long-term solution for more serious behavioral problems, but can immediately help you with smaller issues. Not every dog or every situation is suitable for this or our other programs,  give us a call and we will help you determine what program will work best for you,

Call us for details!

What You & Your Dog Will Learn:



Your personal doggy coach ensures that, with practice, you become the perfect dog trainer. We will teach you the obedience commands necessary for everyday life with your dog as well as how to resolve some basic behavior problems.

The commands we will teach you will have a therapeutic effect on your dog that will help resolve many of their minor behavioral issues. Why therapeutic? Because this is how your dog’s canine mom would communicate with them. It soothes, calms and relaxes your dog, and makes his or her life worry and stress-free.


  • "Let's Go," You Walk Your Dog, They Don't Walk You

  • Hurry Up & Slow Walking

  • About Turn

  • Turn Left/Turn Right

  • Come Command Every Time You Call

  • Sit, Sit Stay Every Time You Want

  • Down, Down Stay Every Time You Want

  • Forbidden Command "Ahhhht!"

  • Boundary Control and Saftey Rules at Front Door

  • "Wait" Command

  • "OK" Release Command

  • "No Sniff" Command

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2 In-Home Lessons Totalling 5 Hours:

You and Your Dog Will Learn

These Therapeutic Commands:

Training Around Distractions:

The Silver Program trains your dog to respond to these commands in distracting situations. Every dog is capable of learning to obey a Sit command in the privacy of your living room, but it’s the everyday life distractions that cause problems. Whether it’s the strange pizza delivery person at the door or a squirrel running across your dog’s path, the Silver Program offers a basic solution to this problem.  Remember, the best-trained dog is the one that was trained around real-life distractions. We don't avoid the problems or ignore your problems. We face them and resolve them.


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