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Puppy Tips with Vladae

Puppy Tips with Vladae

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Raising a Puppy can be like raising a child, you get one shot at it!

Preventing and correcting bad behavior at an early age is important for creating a healthy and obedient puppy. Preventing these behavioral problems is easier when you work early in a dog's life. We will teach you the secret of communication with your puppy as you become their lifelong leader. This workshop consists of 2-3 hour in-home workshops with you and your puppy. Save time and money! No need for unnecessary pet store puppy classes, we customize your program based on your schedule, your home layout and even considering your lifestyle. We also take into consideration your puppy's breed, age, family history, and your special situations. Our signature pressure point training technique will help to diagnose genetics behavior problem early and create unique therapeutically effect to calm your puppy during our training sessions and prevent future behavioral problems.

We can help prevent chewing, soiled carpet, destroyed furniture, and general aggression before it even happens! In addition, we can fix behavior problems your puppy may already have like nipping, barking, biting, house soiling, whining, chewing, chasing and more.

The Puppy Workshop can be only scheduled along with the Gold Training Package. Call us for details.


What You & Your Dog Will Learn:


  • Where the puppy sleeps

  • Where the puppy eats

  • Where they urinate and defecate

  • What they chew

  • How they play

Save time and money! Prevent chewed shoes, soiled carpet, destroyed furniture, and general aggression before it even happens. 





  • Sit and sit stay

  • Down and down stay

  • Come when called

  • "Place" sending the puppy to their bed and staying there


The Puppy Workshop has 2 levels to help begin training even the youngest puppy. As your puppy grows in age, they will also grow through their workshop training, learning more complex skills and commands. Level 1 (8 weeks - 4 months) & Level 2 (4 months - 6 months). We specialize in costume training and each session lasts between 2-3 hours. The Puppy Workshop can be scheduled along with the Gold Training Package. Call us for details!

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You and Your Puppy Will Learn:

This hands-on workshop will help even the youngest puppy learn to obey commands like:

Although you can expect most of the problems will stop quickly, please allow some time for unwanted behaviors to completely stop. Implementing exact methods and techniques that the trainer shows you are imperative for getting the full result.

Any deviation from these methods will seriously compromise the success of the program.

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