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Through his years of experience, Vladae has developed a special language for communicating with dogs, based on observations of the way dogs communicate with each other. As Vladae believes, “If you treat your dog like a human, in return they will treat you as a dog.” This exciting new development in human-dog communication involves mimicking the postures and sounds of dogs in order to simulate a dog-to-dog relationship between dog and owner. Coined “Doglish,” this special language has helped countless dog owners communicate with their pets effectively and efficiently, enabling them to eliminate numerous persistent behavioral problems. 




The foundation of Vladae’s unparalleled success is grounded in the two primary principles of his training philosophy. First, the owner must construct a clear power hierarchy with the human on top. Second, owners must use an appropriate language to communicate with their dogs.

We specialize in loving firmness coupled with a sincere desire to teach our clients how to make their dog welcome and accepted in most situations.  Our dogs, like our children, need firm boundaries, routines, and loving discipline.  We define clear-cut roles and expectations. 


Experience Our Revolutionary Training

Our head trainer has over 40 years ‘of international experience and SoCal dog training firmly believes that we have developed one of the best training programs in California. We recognize that different owners and dogs experience life in different ways.  Therefore, we will provide individual training and programs to meet these needs.  A good trainer can train the dog, a great trainer coordinates the individual owner and his beloved pet so that both the dog and the owner understand their roles and how to best reach the end goal of a well behaved dog and a proud and relaxed owner that is confident that he can control his dog in the most challenging situations.  Our training team is well versed in best practices and how to work with the dog and owners and help them to become the best team imaginable.

Our trainers will work with you to create harmony and joy with your dog.  We have many tools and methods based on years of success.   We often receive recommendations from other trainers, breeders and Veterinarians for dogs that others have given up on due to their behavioral issues.  Once you experience the joy of success, you will understand why our methods work when others fail.  Give us a try; see if our methods are the best match for you and your pet.

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