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Award Winning Certified Dog Trainer & Consultant

Lovingly known as the original “Dog wizard,” Vladae Roytapel is a Master Dog Trainer of SoCal Dog Training, Inc., which has served Newport Beach and the surrounding Orange County communities. Vladae Roytapel is famously known in America for his incomparable knowledge on how to rehabilitate aggressive dogs.

As Vladae believes,if you treat your dog like a human, in return they will treat you as a dog.” Possessing excellent facility with languages, Vladae has developed a special language for communicating with dogs, based on observations of the way dogs communicate with each other.

Gold Training Package

This program includes socialization with dogs, people, children, and even cats. This training will give you total off-leash control of your doggie.

Doggie Bootcamp

Our trainers will keep your dog for 2 weeks teaching them everything they would learn in the gold  package while addressing behavioral problems.

Puppy Workshop

This program is tailored to evaluate your puppies breed, age, living situation, social situation, and family history to help focus your training efforts.

Virtual Training

Our library of training videos and articles include helpful tips and tricks from Vladae himself! Or schedule a Skype training session with a trainer.

What Our Fans Are Saying:

Nate Thompson,

NHL Hockey Player

Vladae is a world-class trainer! He has changed my dog and has changed our lives. Life is easier for everyone including our dog Eddie. We can walk him around without a leash around other dogs without issue. I can't say enough about Vladae!

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